3 Ways To Cut Sugar

As many have mentioned, health starts in the kitchen. Yes, exercise does wonders to the body. But without healthy eating, one wouldn't see any change. We all know this. It's not top secret. However, getting healthy is difficult.

Switching your diet overnight, and sticking to it for the long run, requires determination and discipline unbeknownst to men. For most, transitioning to a healthy lifestyle takes time. The passion to eat right and exercise is developed over a season. So if you're just starting out, fret not. It may seem difficult now, but it'll be second nature one day. At the moment, take it one step at a time with the first, most important step: eliminating sugar.

Disclaimer: I do consume sugar. I have a sweet-tooth - I love chocolate and ice-cream. But as I share my sugar-cutting techniques, you'll see that I consume little of this 'useless' carbohydrate without sacrificing my occasional cravings. Also, the word 'sugar' in this post refers to unnatural sugar (a.k.a added sugar).


Never, ever, drink your calories. I know sugar makes it so much better, but drinking sugar-less drinks is simply a matter of getting used to.

Speaking from experience, I was once someone who added two teaspoons of creamer and three teaspoons of sugar to my coffee. When I decided to get healthy, I omitted sugar from the mix. And to be honest, the first few drinks were pure torture - who on earth could down this crude concoction? Today, however, I enjoy my coffee black. I now find adding creamer and sugar to the mix unpalatable.

So, you see, it's simply a matter of getting used to. Your taste buds can adapt to sugar-free coffee. Your thirst can be quenched with water. The fact that this can happen says something about your body - it can be programmed for the better.


I actively avoid sugar from Monday to Friday. I'm cautious with my sugar intake on Saturdays. And, I have a slice of cake on Sunday. I'm generally lax with my diet on Sunday - I eat out on Sundays, and occasionally have tea time. I don't have dinner on Sundays though, but that's just because I've already had that slice of cake.

I believe it's OK to treat yourself once in awhile, provided you're making an effort to stay on track. A treat on Sunday isn't going to ruin you, especially when you've not consumed sugar the entire week. Give yourself that leeway. Sugar becomes more satisfying when you've not tasted it in awhile.


If you must have sugar, try curbing your cravings with fruits. If you can't get your hand on fruits, stock up on honey. Honey is easily found, and it comes with health benefits. It's an easy go-to when other natural sweeteners are unavailable. Be sure to buy raw honey though - you might want to look into the different brands and their nutrient content, before picking one off the shelves.

Getting into a healthy lifestyle starts with knowing what your body needs. Processed sugar is empty calories - something your body doesn't needs. You don't have to cut it from your life completely, but you don't have to accommodate it so often either. Start slow. Make a conscious effort. And before you know it, you're one step closer to achieving your health goals.

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