The IF Results You've Been Waiting For!

What an over-dramatic title, huh?

Well, I'm back! I had a great 11 days away from reality, downing ramen and sweet treats while on a flexible IF protocol. To be honest, it's actually difficult to stick to a set fasting and feeding window. With an itinerary involving long distance traveling, I couldn't actually predict meal times. I was also on the road with my family and needed to feed while they fed. Therefore, my fasting window changed daily, from 14 hours to 16 hours - sometimes 18 hours. Also, almost everyday of the trip, I broke fast with ice-cream (#noregrets).

In terms of physical activity, it was below my usual. I'm a writer/editor - my day job requires sitting at a desk - and my weight-training makes a huge difference. During the trip, I did zero weight-training and spent about 25 hours in the car. Despite completing a few hiking trails, and approximately 30km of cycling, I was definitely not working as hard as I'm used to.

So, with all that said, let's get to the results.

(Note: I used the Tanita Body Comp Analyzer in the gym to track my results - the average between standard and athlete mode. However, bioelectric impedance analysis machines, like Tanita, are the most inaccurate devices to rely on. It has a habit of increasing one's fat percentage by 5% on average. It's vexing, I know! But for now, I'm going to shamelessly post its readings below.)

                             *taken on 13 May, 12:30pm                  *taken on 27 May, 12:30pm
                             Body weight: 58.1 kg                            Body weight: 58.7 kg
                             Body fat: 15.4 kg (26.6%)                    Body fat: 15.8 kg (26.9%)
                             Muscle mass: 40 kg (69%)                  Muscle mass: 40.2 kg (68%)


Is IF beneficial on holiday - does it keep you on track outside the regular diet and exercise?

Based on my results, I've gained 200 gram of muscle and 400 gram of fat. Despite 0.3% being quite a jump in body fat, it isn't difficult to lose - unlike a full 1% of fat I've brought home in my previous trips. Hence, it's safe to conclude that IF did work.

Honestly, I expected a jaw-dropping fat increase with all the desserts I indulged in. But to my surprise, IF kept me in check... for the most part. By actively avoiding breakfast, I entered a fasted mode for at least a couple of hours a day - which was, apparently, good enough. And by 'good enough', I mean the damage isn't difficult to reverse.

Moving forward, I intend to take my intermittent fasting to the next level. How, you ask? Well, I guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out.

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