Why I'm Quitting 'Fitness'

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Let's be honest, I'm not quitting fitness for life. Come on, why would I waste all my hard work? However, I am putting it on hiatus for two weeks - this and the next. In fact, this is a scheduled post. And to answer the question of why? Well, I'm on vacation.

I'm away for eleven days on a self-guided tour around Hokkaido. It's a trip I've been planning since last year. Finally, the time has come! I'm also using this break to put intermittent fasting to the test. I've taken my body composition reading the morning of my flight, and will take another reading when I return.

Many have said IF is sustainable and beneficial when on vacation. I certainly believe it's sustainable - being an eating pattern. But, I'd like to see if it's truly beneficial. Whenever I go on vacation, I always return a kilogram heavier (of mostly fat). This often makes me feel like I'm working out for a vacation - that my routine isn't a lifestyle, but a prep for a splurge. So, starting from this trip, I hope to return unchanged... or, changed for the better. Since different people claim IF helped them stay on track, while eating outside of a meal plan, it's now my chance to put it to the test.

Rest assured, I'll share my results with you. Once I'm back, I'll tabulate the difference and post it here. However, I do have to say that the results might be in my favour. My vacation includes plenty of hiking, trekking, and cycling - I'm even doing a 4-hour climb up an active volcano! But without daily weight-training, my physical activity would still be below my usual routine. I'll be eating food I usually do not consume, and at great amounts too - I'm on holiday alright, and I have a pretty huge appetite. So how favourable the results will be, I do not know. One can only hope it would prove intermittent fasting worth doing.

If you'd like to follow me on my adventure, head over to instagram! I'll be posting pictures of my getaway there. If you'd like to know more about my trip, visit my other blog. If you couldn't care less and only want my IF results, I'll be back soon anyway.

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