My Warrior Fast Schedule

Setting an ideal IF schedule can be tricky. And to be honest, it's much trickier for me with the 20/4 protocol. I had to consider my workout time, when to take my protein, and settle with only warrior fasting 6 days a week. But eventually, I found a schedule that worked. I don't know how much of a help my schedule would be to you, but I've noticed many asking about it online. So, here's mine at your disposal.


7am - Get up and head to work.
9am - Kickstart day, while halting stomach growls, with coffee.
1pm - Curb midday hunger with sencha (powdered green tea).
5:30pm - Break fast with protein shake (30g of protein).
6:30pm - Weight-train for 45-65 minutes, incorporating cardio once a week.
7:30pm - Meal of the day consisting of vegetables, more protein, minimal carbs, and homemade coconut oil chocolate.
9:30pm - Close feeding window with fruits.

*On Thursdays and Fridays - family sit down dinner nights - I eat my main meal before my workout.


10am - Get coffee in.
12:45pm - Start weight-training.
1:30pm - Break fast with protein shake.
2pm - Attend weekly Pilates of an hour.
3:10pm - Meal of the day 
4:30pm - Close feeding window.

9am - Yes, coffee again (if possible).
12:30pm - Break fast with meal of the day.
4pm - Cheat dessert!
8:30pm - Close feeding window with fruits.

*Sundays are my cheat days. But despite a larger feeding window, I'm still in control of what I eat and endeavour to keep sugar/starch intake to a minimal. Though... sometimes... well... I'm only human.

My schedule isn't regimented, as some days I fast an hour longer/shorter. Also, I usually have one large meal with fruits on weekdays - technically making it the OMAD protocol.

I find that my schedule works well when I'm on a routine. It's sometimes disrupted when I have weekend plans, but thankfully, my friends don't mind me watching them eat - they're used to it by now. In fact, I rarely have to explain myself to new people because my friends would speak on my behalf. But of course, that's not always the case. It's safe to assume all IF-ers have to constantly explain themselves. Still, it's worth it.

Well, I hope this post helps! I suggest working in your fast around your current schedule, as overhauling your day might add to the challenge of sticking to your eating plan. Yes, your schedule might not be perfect, but you should always do what works best for you - that's what's important.

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