One Month Warrior Fast Results (Before & After Pictures)

It's been a little over a month. This means... it's time.

Now, I don't usually post my physique online. In fact, this is my first time going public. As I'm not 100% confident with my body, I have a fear of being judged. But because there're barely any before and after pictures on the internet - trust me, I've scoured the web for some motivation - I decided to bite the bullet and share. Who knows, maybe a random passerby would find the motivation they were looking for (though, I must say, the results aren't mind-blowing).


Before: 3 June, 2017
Weight: 59.3 kg
Measurements - Chest: 34 inches, Waist: 28 inches, Hip: 38 inches

After: 8 July, 2017
Weight: 58.5 kg
Measurements - Chest: 34 inches, Waist: 27 inches, Hip: 38 inches

Fat loss in 35 days: 600 gm


I didn't expect a dramatic change in just one month. It would be foolish to think I'd have a six-pack simply by doing the warrior fast. However, there was some form of change. I lost an inch around my waist. And, my body composition looks a wee bit better - considering I did lose fat, but didn't lose any muscle. So overall, not too bad a result in just 35 days.

*In comparison to the 16/8 fasting protocol.

- Rarely craving for sugar.
- Not ravenously hungry before meal time, and can continue fasting.
- Developed an appetite for clean food.
- Appetite is satiated after meal.


During the 35 days, I was doing a repeat of Body Beast's Lean program. I weight-trained 5 days a week, cardio once a week, and added-on abs 2-3 times a week. My workout time was 45-70 minutes on weekdays, and about 100 minutes on Saturdays (to include Pilates).

As for nutrition, I lowered my carbohydrate intake, actively avoiding rice and potatoes - if I did have more carbs than usual, I ate them last. When it came to protein, I aimed for 60g a day. I also consumed more vegetables and healthy fat (a tablespoon of coconut oil daily). Overall, I wasn't in a huge calorie deficit which would explain the slow weight loss.

*Note there were days where I had no choice but to consume carbohydrates for energy. I also messed up on a few accounts, where I snacked on unhealthy options. If I stuck to keeping my carbs low, while keeping my nutrition in-check, I would've seen better results.


I intend to pay closer attention to my carbohydrate intake, while readjusting my workout schedule to include two leg days a week. I know my problem area is my hip. So in order for me to drop fat percentage, I need to work my legs more. With that said, I'll post my three month warrior fast result in September.


Yes! It's my lifestyle now. And as I continue on this journey, I endeavour to expand my knowledge on nutrition, fitness, and human biology - there's so much to learn in regards to my body. Rest assured, I'll continue to track my results while sharing them with the new things I've learned.

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