You're NOT Hungry

You're simply experiencing borborygmi.

Yes, that growling you and those around you hear - rising from the depths of your belly - isn't a sign of hunger. To assume you need to feed, because the beast within is calling for food, is a myth.


- It comes from the intestines, caused by moving air and muscle contraction of the intestinal wall.
- It is commonly heard on an empty stomach, because food isn't present to muffle the sound. Also with food present, the body focuses on digestion instead of shuffling air back and forth.
- It can occur on a full stomach, and can spark 2 hours after a meal.
- Low blood sugar increases its activity.
- And swallowing too much air can also spur its occurrence.

No, you didn't read wrong - none of the facts above mentioned hunger. And the only reason we've associated it with hunger is because it's frequently heard on an empty stomach - when it's almost breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. So no, you're not actually hungry (though food will stop the noise). And no, you're most definitely not starving.

Whether or not you're fasting, borborygmi happens. When I was eating three meals a day, the growling began approximately an hour before mealtime. Now, only dining at dinnertime, the growling rarely occurs. And when it does, it isn't as loud or as prolonged as before. Why? I don't know - maybe I'm gulping less air.

So, with all that said, if borborygmi isn't a definitive sign of hunger, what is?


- Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and weak
- Experiencing a headache
- Inability to concentrate
- Feeling nauseous
- Being hangry; easily agitated

These hunger signals vary between people. But... let's be honest, you know when you're hungry - when you're actually in need of food. Because more often than not, we feed ourselves pretty well. The bigger challenge isn't identifying hunger... it's knowing when to stop eating. But in case you still can't tell, I have a surefire way. There's no need to question the growls or check off the hunger signal list - just ask yourself this: have you consumed your daily required calories? If your answer is yes, you're not hungry.

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