[REVIEW] Intermittent Fasting Combo - OMAD & 5:2

It has been over a month since I embarked on this IF combo. And, based on my experience, I've decided to drop it. Why? I'm dropping it not because this combination isn't sustainable. I believe it is very doable. But, because of the adjustments I made to my workout regime, this combo became rather difficult to adhere to. What were these changes?

In WEEK 2 of this combo, I started swimming. I swam for 25 minutes 5 days a week, on top of my weight training. Jump roping barefoot on tiles for a season was taking a toll on my feet. So, I decided to go low impact--in this case 'no' impact--for cardio. And with a pool an elevator ride away, I incorporated swimming into my regime.

During that week of swimming, I realised that 500 calories today couldn't sustain my workout tomorrow. So when WEEK 3 rolled around, I tossed the 5:2 protocol out the window and ate in the 1000 calorie range. I also readjusted my workout schedule, moving my recovery day to help my body deal with the intensity of my workouts.

When WEEK 4 arrived, so did the Lunar New Year break. I couldn't swim and train on schedule. And if you know what happens during the Lunar New Year, it's usually when most people gain fat from all the snacking of traditional treats.

Now, it's WEEK 5 and I've decided to do a daily cut instead of having 2 low calorie days in a week. I've also started swimming for 40 minutes this week and do not see how I can sustain my energy levels at such a huge calorie deficit. However, I will continue my one meal a day protocol--feeding after my weight training and swim sessions.


Yes. I believe it is doable and I might try it again. For now, I'm putting it on hold. Perhaps once my body adjusts to this new workout regime, I'll be able to start over. At this moment, I'll just keep a close eye on my nutrition--aiming for a deficit (no matter the amount) at least 5 to 6 days a week.

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